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Codeine 15mg Tablet is the category of analgesics prescribed for treating adults’ short- or acute-term pain-related conditions. The word “pain” is often used as a word to describe a numb sensation or discomfort. It can be mild or extreme.

The intensity of the discomfort is dependent on the underlying problem. About the duration of pain can be described as being chronic (short-term) or chronic (long-term). If acute pain goes untreated, it may cause chronic pain in certain situations.

Codeine 15mg is a source of codeine phosphate, which is part of a group of medications known as opioids and pain alleviators. They work by stopping pain signals from transmitting through nerves connecting to the brain.

Common Side Effects

Take Codeine 15mg medication according to the instructions of your doctor. The most frequent adverse effects of the Codeine Sulphate 15mg Tablet are dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, headache (nausea), constipation, dry mouth, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, low body temperature, double or blurred vision, low blood pressure, and slow or fast heartbeat. These adverse effects are usually brief and short-lasting. But, if any of these adverse effects persist or worsen, consult your physician immediately.

Codeine Sulphate 15 mg Tablet does not advise you to use Codeine Sulphate 15 mg Tablet if your body is allergic to any of its ingredients.

How to take Codeine 15mg?

Before you take Codeine a5mg Tablet, consult your physician if you suffer from injuries to the head or high pressure within the brain, severe breathing issues and severe kidney, liver, and heart failure, or angina or stroke or acute alcoholism, vomiting caused by intestinal inflammation or poisoning, or issues in blood flow.

Before discontinuing Codeine Sulphate 15mg Tablet, seek medical advice because it could trigger withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, heart rate increases and tremors, or a general feeling of unwellness. It’s not recommended for pregnant women, infants, or breastfeeding mothers.

Codeine 15mg is recommended to use care for older patients. Beware of drinking alcohol because it could increase the chance of having negative side effects. Codeine Sulphate 15mg Tablet could cause drowsiness or dizziness, be sure not to drive or operate machines if you’re not alert.

Uses of Codine 15mg

Relief from pain: Codeine 15mg can be a potent painkiller, which is often prescribed to treat cough and pain. Recently, more people are beginning to take the drug recreationally.

This article examines how people use codeine, such as cough syrup, as a treatment for sleeping and pain.

Medical Benefits

Codeine 15mg is used to provide relief from acute pain for adults. It’s a combination of codeine phosphate that is a member of a class of drugs known as opioids, which are pain relievers. It works by blocking pain signals from transmitting along nerves that go to the brain.

Instructions for Use

Codeine 15mg is sold with a prescription. It is available as tablets and in the form of an injection. Codeine injections are generally only available in hospitals.

The tablet version of Codeine Sulphate 15 mg Tablet must be taken whole and accompanied by an ice-cold glass. Don’t crush, chew or break the tablet.

The doctor decides on the Codeine Sulphate 15mg Tablet dose and time under your health conditions.


Keep it in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.

Negative Side Negative Effects Codeine Sulphate 15 mg Tablet

  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Drool
  • Tiredness
  • Changes in mood
  • Nightmares
  • Depression
  • Restlessness/excitement
  • Headache
  • Hallucinations (seeing or feeling and hearing sounds that aren’t present)
  • Feeling sick (nausea)
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Abdominal pain
  • The temperature of the body that is low
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Palpitations
  • Low blood pressure
  • Heartbeats can be fast or slow.

Drug Warnings

Before you take Codeine 15mg, inform your physician if you are suffering from an injury to your head or have increased pressure within the brain, severe breathing issues and severe kidney, liver, and heart failure, angina or stroke, and acute alcoholism. Also, diarrhea is caused by an inflammation of the bowel, poisoning, or issues affecting blood circulation.

Codeine Sulphate, a 15 mg Tablet is a drug that can cause dependence therefore, there is a chance of becoming dependent on the Codeine Sulphate 15 mg Tablet.

Therefore, before taking off Codeine Sulphate 15mg Tablet, seek medical advice because it could trigger withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, an increase in heart rate and tremors, and a general feeling of unwellness. It’s not recommended for pregnant women, children, or breastfeeding mothers.

It is advised to use caution when treating older patients. Avoid drinking alcohol because it could increase the risk of adverse negative effects.

Codeine Sulphate 15mg Tablet could cause drowsiness or dizziness, so don’t operate machinery or drive when you’re not alert. The use of monoamine oxide inhibitors (MAOI) and Codeine Sulphate 15 mg Tablet is not advised.

If you experience breathing problems, chest pain and weakness or slurred speech, you should stop the medication immediately and notify your physician.

Drug Interactions

Drug-Drug Interactions Codeine 15mg is believed to interact with certain medications which are prescribed to ease anxiety (lorazepam, diazepam, and alprazolam) Anticonvulsant medication (pregabalin), which is an antipsychotic medication that is not typical (quetiapine) as well as the narcotic analgesic drug (oxycodone) and medications that combat depression (linezolid moclobemide, selegiline, and linezolid)

Drug-Food InteractionsAvoid drinking alcohol since it can cause dizziness and the possibility of bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract.

Drug-Disease Interactions Codeine Sulphate 15mg Tablet is not to be taken by patients suffering from impaired GI motility, diarrhea that is infectious prematurity, liver disease, acute addiction to alcohol, drug dependence ingestion, hypotension, gastrointestinal obstruction in the intracranial pressure, or respiratory depression.


Codeine 15mg is a cough suppressant that activates mu receptors in the brain that suppress the cough reflex.

Codeine is used for mild to moderate pain, pain associated with GI conditions like bowel problems or sore throat, and dysmenorrhea. It’s also used to alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Codeine 15mg is used to relieve pain. This includes pain that you have with shingles (herpes zoster), headaches, and backaches. It can also be used to treat constipation, coughs, and colds. Codeine can also be combined with other medicines.

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